Arfing maniac

For the past month or so, Sheba has become more frisky and energetic. The odd thing is that she doesn't want to play more (as evidenced when we try to play ball or go for long walks) but she wants more attention! She's decided that arfing is the best way to get attention that she so richly deserves. Unfortunately the frequency of the arfing has increased to the point of annoyance. It was very cute in the beginning but now when she starts, she won't stop! Sheba tried this while I was in the middle of a frustrating bout of Ninja Gaiden Sigma a few days ago. In my annoyance, I tossed her and Max outside and shut the door on them. In exasperation, I actually banished my baby outside for a good 5 minutes.

Mike and I decided this behavior has got to stop so we broke out the spray bottles of water. Last night when she arfed at me, I gave her a good squirt in the face. She looked so surprised and hurt but she did stop. When I tried to approach her to praise her, she shied away afraid I would spray her again. Boy, did I feel awful. We had to spray her one more time that night but it seems to have worked (so far). She's back to chuffing and one arf but none of that consistent, mind-piercing arfing. I'm hoping not to use the spray bottle again, so I hope she's learned.


Awwww... poor baby. She does get some high decibel squeals in her barks now, though. She's always welcome over here, though! We love the Queen!

Kathie said…
Hehehe, I plan to take you up on that offer when she's feeling feisty and arf-y again! :P