Annual stitching weekend

This was our 4th (my 3rd) annual stitching weekend retreat. In the past, every summer we'd reserve a cabin at Coolfont WV for a long weekend (fri-sat) getaway of just snacking and stitching. Coolfont was a great place because there is nothing but nature surrounding us, very little cell signal, and massage services. Unfortunately Coolfont was bought by new owners last year who decided to shut it down and completely renovate it (which is good because it was getting pretty awful) so we needed a new location. Luckily my parents have this great little house in Harper's Ferry WV right by the Shenandoah River and its only an hour away from home (less for those out further west). We all packed up our stuff and headed there on friday.

The weather was just gorgeous. First two days were warm enough to head out to the water, wade in, and enjoy the warm sun. The rest of the time we stuffed our faces and stitched whatever we felt like. I think the sleep-deprivation from Harper made it really hard for me to concentrate. I had to frog out my stitching on three different occasions! After I accidentally dumped out my floss box (Sue was nice enough to put it back together for me), I called it quits and knitted a dishcloth instead. Course being a bit batty, I chose one of the more difficult dishcloths to knit (lots of various cables) so I had to restart it after a miscount somewhere. As frustrating as the stitching was, I had a fabulous time hanging out with the girls (7 of us total) and a pretty little Noah baby.

Can't wait to do it again next year!


I told you not to start that dishcloth late at night when you were tired, silly! It did turn out lovely the next day, though! ;)

Many thanks to your parents for letting us stay there. What a gorgeous home they have!