Love Me Not

*sigh* It's all Sue's fault! She's soooo good at getting me all enthused about new designs. She's been working on Tomboy and it looks so cool. I've also seen some great works in progress of Love Me Not that I couldn't help it. After all, it only has 22 colors total AND since I was going to do this 2 over 2, it wouldn't be as frustrating as other HAED charts in the past. So I took the plunge and started it on thursday. So far it's a lot of black since I'm doing her hair and hopefully will get to her face for some interesting contrast.

Course I haven't spent much time on it since I've been zipping back through all the Harry Potter books. Took me 4 days to make it through, I forgot out well-written they were! Course now I'm stuck since I don't have the 7th book!!! I bought it through Amazon, but got the free super-slow shipping (which has never been slow before). In this case, it wasn't so much that it's slow shipping but rather amazon didn't even send the book out till today which means I don't get it for a at least 3-4 days. Luckily Sue is a fast reader and she'll be finished her copy tomorrow so I'll just grab hers and read it to get my fix.