Ever-expanding Max

Doofy doofy dog….that’s a great description of our Maxie! I’ve lamented on the blog on Max’s weight gain and how we figured out he was sneaking extra food when we weren’t home. We fixed that by taping the mouth of the food bin closed, we simply untape the opening to feed the dogs, then use the same tape to “lock” the bin opening. Last night we came home to our usual routine. When Mike went to feed the dogs, he asked me into the laundry room. Due to the numerous re-sticking of the same piece of tape, it appears Max was able to get it off and open the bin enough to get food.

Max must have spent a large amount of his time eating while we were out of the house yesterday! We didn’t realize it until dinnertime. Due to Max’s snacking, we gave him a reduced amount of food but he didn’t touch his dinner! He ate a couple of bites and just walked out. He spent the entire night lying on his side passing gas, with his stomach bloated out. When touching his abdomen, it was incredibly tight and expanded. He wouldn’t move or even attempt to get on the couch. Poor thing really overdid it; I guess it’s no worse than a kid on Halloween.

This morning Max is completely back to normal, with the exception of some extra pounds on his frame now. I think we’ll be changing the tape on the food bin more often now!

P.S. We never did find that piece of tape.